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You are the masters of your own craft. We are the masters of ours.

Reach a whole new level of beautiful with custom print and premium finishing capabilities from The Occasions Group. We open the doors of possibility for businesses like yours, from large established brands to small design boutiques. You deserve the same excellent quality and print standards enjoyed by the best and the brightest in the industry, and we will make that happen for you.


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Whether you want digital print, letterpress, foil stamping, embossing or die cutting, we’ve mastered the techniques to bring you best-in-class quality. Our industry-leading presses perform the finest specialty print processes and our highly skilled operators ensure every detail is perfect. 


Who We Are

We are real people with real values who always strive for excellence.   

Our family-owned business has experienced great success printing for clients across the country for more than 65 years, yet our values remain steeped in the traditions of our Midwestern work ethic. The Occasions Group expanded from a small wedding invitation printer in southern Minnesota to a network of four facilities across the country, each offering a wide range of custom print and specialty finishing capabilities. 

Our breadth of printing and finishing capabilities may be what sets us apart from the competition but we also excel at building and maintaining relationships. Our streamlined on-boarding process makes establishing new business relationships easy, and an efficient back-end system allows for seamless collaboration between facilities and with our partners. Our four facilities across the nation provide geography-based distribution, which means your customers will receive orders promptly anywhere in the U.S. 


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